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Passionate About Life & Inspiring Others

My story is one of adventure which began in Bromley, England where I was born five minutes after my identical twin sister.  I had an unconventional upbringing and traveled around the world with my growing family, spending time in six countries and three continents before the age of 7.  After living an itinerant lifestyle for most of my childhood, at age twelve my sister and I settled in Columbus, Ohio, under the legal guardianship of our paternal grandparents.  My grandparents were instrumental in providing us with love, normalcy and the stability we longed for, allowing us to have a place to call home and finally put down our roots. 

​I was driven from a young age, and I was fascinated with discovering and experiencing new things. I learned that trusting my intuition and exploring my curiosity would lead me to making courageous decisions throughout my life. During my junior year at The Ohio State University, I decided to pause my collegiate career to accept an opportunity working for my father’s private investigative business.  It was during this time that my desire to succeed and prove myself in a male-dominated industry was coupled with the responsibility of managing and mentoring others.  Through my dedicated work ethic, natural ability to connect with people, and my entrepreneurial energy, I gained ownership in the firm by my mid 20’s.  In the blink of an eye, my courageous decision had become an extensive career, growing the firm into a multimillion-dollar business at its peak. 

The early success I achieved was soon met with a personal tragedy. At age 33, my sister was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, which she would succumb to just 14 months later. The unexpected and devastating death of my identical twin left me with an insurmountable void. I began to see the world differently and I felt the Universe calling me to honor my sister.  Growing up as an identical twin was one of the best gifts I have been given and something that has had a lasting impact on my life.  It created a beautiful and unbreakable bond that has remained present even after her passing and has allowed me to connect in deeper ways through my service to others.  I am most connected with my sister through In Christy's Shoes, a non-profit that I founded in 2009, along with two best friends, where programs and scholarships are provided (free of charge) to support women in furthering their growth. The organization was created to honor the memory of Christy and her passion for helping others and her love for shoes. Since inception, nearly 2 million dollars have been raised for women in need, over 9,000 women have been impacted and over 11,000 pairs of shoes have been donated for women to walk confidently toward their futures.   

Today, my mission is to serve people powerfully through my coaching practice, by drawing out their extraordinary gifts and empowering them to create beyond what they imagined possible, bringing exponential value to their lives and the world around them.  I believe that we are all born into this world with an infinite amount of possibilities and sometimes it takes one person to truly "see us" in order for us to see ourselves in a way that is transformational!  I experienced this type of transformation and it is the reason I committed myself to helping others see it too.  I support people as they live into being who they were truly meant to be, extraordinary!  Curiosity has kept me devoted to my personal and professional growth and has instilled a belief in me that each day is an opportunity to learn and grow.  I live by, and love this quote by Brian Tracy, “You will find that there are no limits to what you can accomplish except for the limits you place on your own imagination. And since there are no limits to what you can imagine, there are no limits to what you can achieve.” ​I am committed to "Kreating Boldly" and living life with extraordinary purpose, while inspiring others to do the same.

My experiences don’t define me, rather they help shape who I choose to be.  I am not normal, I am different. I don’t blend into the crowd, I lead it.  I don’t settle for less, I ask for more.  I don’t give up, I find a way.  I am not afraid to fail, because I am committed to succeed.  I am not a victim, I am a creator.  In my life, I refuse to be a passenger and go along for the ride when I can choose my bold adventures and enjoy the ride of my life. 



  • I am certified in living a purpose driven life

  • I am certified in living by my  principles

  • I am certified in my belief system

  • I am certified in who I am

  • I am certified in serving others

  • I am willing

  • I am open

  • I am committed